How to Get a Loan

Get Loan

Our purpose is to match a suitable Loan for you. An initiative taken by Investors Clinic with a long term vision in mind to serve their existing clients and to fulfill all their loans needs. Today you will find all your Loan related solutions at this destination, where our trained professionals will do the foot work for you and you will be advised best deals available in the market. Our banking associations are with all the leading banks like SBI, ICICI Bank, Uninon Bank of India, Axis Bank etc.Company is providing solutions to Indian clients as well as to NRI clients's .You may surely contact us for home loan related requirements.

How to apply?

  • Sign the application
  • Complete the documentation
  • Provide property papers along with the cost of property.


  • Complete the checklist Average Turn around time taken for Home Loan? 15-20 working days will be taken after completing documentation from login of the application till disbursement.

Steps in Home Loan process-

  • Application submission along with documents.
  • Pre-checking of application.
  • Credit Underwriting.
  • Decision (Sanction/Reject).
  • Application For builder Docs (7-10 day's time approx).
  • Disbursal agreement to be signed and submission to the banker.
  • Disbursement.